lundi 27 juillet 2015

ZIVALI video

Like I wrote one week ago, I opened a new line in the Magic Wood paradise
I just needed 2 tries to complete my boulder and I am really proud that Jure will have a boulder with his name

ZIVALI from Info RIBIERE on Vimeo.

mardi 21 juillet 2015


For those last days I am not in the shape but I am slowly going back to my natural way of life.
 As I professional climber I love to open new boulders and so on I wanted to give an homage to my friend, Jure Breceljnik, the filmmaker of WILD ONE who leave me alone by the death of the Wednesday.
I am still choked about all my histories but I do remember that Jure told me "If one day I die, keep the smile and the wildness for me".
This is what I am still doing for you, my brother.

I opened a new line in the Magic Wood paradise place and I gave the name of "Zivali" to my boulder. Zivali means "animal', "wild" or "sauvage". Jure was like me " Zivali".

I go again to the normal life and to enjoy the rest of the time I have in this univers

See you around the world

samedi 18 juillet 2015


Despite after the post I published Wenesday on the FB page.

Thank you for all your messages on my phone, email and FB. BUT now the story is turned in the tragic way.
I already told to all my sponsors I will say all the true about my experience. Yes I am midnight smoker during 20years. Unlucky, I smoke a pot from an asshole who sprayed apparently GHB, Amphetamines and LSD in. I never and I will never take this death of cocktail by my own. After only 5 seconds, I felt on the floor with a black out. I saw the tunnel with a strong white light. I saw angels gave me the hands to the heaven. I met Buddha, Shiva and God. I even met my biologic father which I never met in the real life. I saw all my childhood, all my friends, all colors, sharpness, etc. I saw myself floating about my body laying on the ground. Gratefully, my friend which I visited did care about me a lot and cried to see me dying slowly on the floor. I could not express myself, control my legs and arms. Suddenly I find out which drugs the fucker gave to me without tell me. In 1 second, people around me got scarred about me because I became diabolic, other person. I broke some stuffs in the hostel. I did remember to scream "I am Philippe Ribiere, rock climber abandoned by his parents. I became a man with all the respect I deserve. I did a big thing for the climbing community with the Paraclimbing category, even I don't compete anymore. It was my goal for 12 years and now the handicap person can express themselves. Well! I got upset because the asshole fucked my integrity of a man. I fell abused. After it, emergency and the police came to calm me down but without success the put me the hand-cup. I stand up and I asked to every one to take a picture or to film to see how they treat me. But like say the police after: "You were the demon and we were 7 persons on you to put the somnifere for horses. You punched a cop in the nose. We won't charge an innocent". At 5am, I woke up attached on the bed in the psychiatric department. I was lost. After the morning, doctors visited me and told me I could go outside because I am not crazy at all.
After all emotions and fears I went to Friederischafen to work for the representing my sponsors. Professional I am, I tried to forget the last night.

If I do writing this post it is not to make a propaganda about drugs and especially the weed. I am talking about a sensitive subject which should stay in the private life. But since I decided for all my career of a professional climber I don't want to lie to anyone. For sure, It is important not to show for teenagers. But tell me, just how they can leann if nobody tell them that there are risks to smoke (even just cigarettes)? You could answer by the experience. Yes they can do but I wish not to any one to have the same horrible experience than me. And that it is my job to speak if I can. I am never hypocrite with the people and maybe sometimes it doesn't serve me. I know we have all a brain to have the conscience, the intelligence, the knowledge to have a rational opinion.
I will not apologize to be myself. Once again, if kids or teenagers takes me as an example. So it is my turn to tell the danger of drugs.
Probably I am still chocked by the experience and this is why it makes me an animal.
I guess to be enough adult to take my responsibilities to talk about subversives subjects because the "World", "Society" decides for us. But do you see what they do to you?
Think a bit rationally about and them you can judge me.
This last sentence is for some who tell me " don't write it because it is not good for your career and sponsors".
Thank to have read this long paragraph.

The next day during a meeting, my first manager said to me the worst and sad new: "Philippe, your filmaker is dead wenesday". I can't believe it! The man who fell in love with me in 2009 during my Evolution Tour. The man who made the Wild One documentary is dead. THIS man is MY FRIEND, MY BROTHER and MY MENTOR  for the photography. He teached me some part of life, the photography. BUT sure what the best teaching I got from him: Wildness. He made me WILD and proud of my hands, fingers, legs, face. He made me beautiful and sexy. He gave me the confidence. He always told me to do what I want, even it is no political correct. He always told me that I have to be the "President of the World". He always trusted me, belief at my potential to spray around the world what is the love, doesn't matter you are handicapped or not. He loved me as his little brother.  and e HE MADE ME WILD...ONE
JURE, I don't know what to tell you. We had a strange conversation on the skype last week. We said like always we did: We love each other. LJUBIM TE JURE.
To give me all this confidences I also had my Angle, my love Natalija Gros who also are a part of my wildness. She also gave me the love and the respect, physically and morally.
How she know when we are together: I love you my Angel.

Je sem Pipo. Je sem piscanec. Je sem ZIVALI. Je sem DIVJI

Aurevoir, mon frere. Tu me manqueras beaucoup!
Je t'aime Jure

jeudi 25 juin 2015


See what happens when you get a team of 8, you block a mountain road they are let loose to rig ziplines tensioned ropes and for the first time in the GOC, the biggest rope swing at over 120m. 
Ya Nuts! GO NUTS!  
Made by the Traks Pro Gear and Training

mardi 23 juin 2015


This winter, with PhilippeDan and Miguel, we spent a couple of weeks developing epic bouldering potential in a remote canyon high in the Eastern Hajar mountain range - the eastern most part of Arabia.
What we discovered is world class. An ancient village, a people steeped in tradition and a valley off the scale in the size and volume of boulders.
I am psyched to share the teaser for a 3 part series with you. Valley of Giants!

Teaser - Valley of Giants from Read Macadam on Vimeo.


Philippe RIBIERE

lundi 22 juin 2015


After my last article I just explained what was my time in France. Day after day I am glad to be here in the emptiness place which gives me the most happiness as a climber and I want share it with you.
It is like a kid who gets the gift after the Christmas time and I am in this position now. There are so many possibilities to clean and to climb those rocks. In plus I have the chance that Mrs Nature offers me cherries, blueberries, strawberries and the best is the river for myself.
I can have other words to tell you I am happy for once to leave a bit my van  to rest.
For sure you are still welcome to come to my Wild Party this week-end.

Here some pics about the exploring